Production process

Process from leaf to CBD oil

Process from leaf to CBD oil - HemPure | Hempflax BV

Leaves are harvested and transported to the drying facility. By using special machines during the harvesting process, the product does not touch the bottom.


In the drying installation, the leaf is processed within 4 hours of arrival into CBD biomass which is transported in big bags to the extraction facility.


In the extraction facility, the CBD biomass is extracted by means of supercritical CO2. CO2 under high pressure at low temperature is liquid and is thus used as a solvent.


After extraction, the crude extracts are dewatered and decarboxylated. This is a process in which the product is pasteurized under high temperatures under a certain time and in which CBDA is converted into CBD.


After adding hemp oil and lecithin to the extract, the oil is ready for filling in bottles or capsules and packaging in jars and finally sale in the store.

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