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What is full spectrum CBD?

Full spectrum CBD contains a complete profile of cannabinoids naturally present in the plant. You should think of CBG, CBC, CBGA, and so on. Because the extraction is not filtered, it is possible that small amounts of THC remain. All our products contain a THC content of <0.05%, and therefore remain well below the legal limit of 0.2% THC.

Why choose for a full spectrum oil?

This has everything to do with the entourage effect. All cannabinoids together in the full spectrum CBD influence/amplify each other, creating this effect. This effect refers to how all the ingredients are stronger together than when taken individually. A full spectrum product is generally more effective than a single cannabidoid product, a so-called isolate product.
In addition to all the different cannabinoids, hemp also contains other substances, such as terpenes, vitamins, chlorophyll and flavonoids. These different substances also each have their own special properties.

Are CBD oil and cold pressed hemp seed oil the same?

No, CBD oil is made from a CBD extract and then mixed with cold-pressed hemp seed oil to obtain the desired %. Hemp oil is made from hemp seeds that contain practically no traces of cannabinoids. Hemp seed oil is used as a food product such as dressing for salads..

What are the benefits and medical claim?

The effect is different for everyone. We often hear from customers that it helps against stress, restless legs, inflammation (anti-inflammatory), MS, Rheumatism, ADHD/ADD, nerve pain and even epilepsy. Because we are not allowed to make medical claims we will always say we have heard or experienced the following from our customers.

Can I get high stoned/high from CBD?

No, our CBD is made from the leaves of the fiber hemp plant, which contains a very low value of THC.

What is the difference between CBD oil black and CBD oil gold?

CBD oil Black

  • The CBD is extracted by CO2 extraction
  • Full spectrum
  • Contains other important cannabidoids such as CBC, CBN, CBV en CBG
  • Widely applicable due to the presence of other cannabinoids
  • Compared to CBD oil Gold, fewer steps are needed in the production process of CBD oil Black and therefore this variant is cheaper

CBD Oil Gold

  • CBD Gold is extracted through purification by distillation
  • Full spectrum
  • Contains other important cannabidoids such as CBC, CBN, CBV en CBG
  • The plant waxes and chlorofyl are being removed
  • Has a mild, nutty taste

What is the difference in % and milligrams in CBD products?

For HemPure CBD products, the drops are expressed in % and the capsules in milligrams. The drops can be dosed separately and the capsule, on the other hand, is a fixed dose per capsule.
For example:1 capsule of 10mg CBD equals ca 8 dropps CBD oil 2,75%
For the consumer, it is a consideration to choose either capsules or drops. The convenience, fixed dosage and neutral taste of capsules are decisive for some consumers to choose capsules instead of the drops.
A higher percentage of mg is not always a guarantee for better result. This depends on several’ factors. The final amount of CBD absorbed into to the body depends on 3 factors:
- Potence of the product(% or mg per capsule)
- Dose (amount of drops or capsules per day)
- Bioavailability (where and how is the absorption by the human body).
HemPure advises between 20mg and 40mg CBD daily intake for an adult, this gives the best results.

Are CBD products suiteable for everybody?

Basically yes, CBD products are suitable for adults, the elderly and animals because they are not psychoactive. Exceptions to the rule are pregnant and breastfeeding women and people taking medication prescribed by a doctor. In these cases it is always advisable to consult an expert.

How long can you store CBD oil and CBD capsules?

Our CBD oil and CBD capsules have an expiry date up to 30 months, stored dry and on roomtemperature.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact us.

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